Académie de musique et de danse

The 37th

Academy 2019

Summer training sessions  

association-musique-lozereThe music and dance courses offered by the International Music Academy of Lozère are open to all musicians and dancers, both those preparing for national or international competitions (to enter a conservatory and others) and to amateur musicians and dancers who wish to improve their technique. Students under 18 are also accepted. These intensive music training sessions are in no way related to the courses offered in some leisure centres. Participating in our Academy insures you will achieve your objectives: to maintain your playing ability, improve your technique or prepare for a competition.
The training sessions take place in Lozère and particularly in Mende and La Canourgue.
The musical supervision of each training session is provided by an artistic director and a dozen teachers, depending on the number of instruments represented. The teachers are musicians, dancers or teachers widely recognized in France and abroad (soloists, winners of international awards, members of national orchestras and opera companies from various countries, etc.).

Organisation of the training sessions

  • The courses will be given under the sole responsibility of teachers according to the respective level of the students.
  • The course organization is the sole competence of teachers
  • Outside of class, students will have the facilities required to practice music of their own choice.
  • For pianists, registration includes, in addition to courses, the opportunity to practice music of their own choice for 3 hours a day.
  • Children under 8 years old unaccompanied not be housed in boarding, they may be accepted as external or half-boarders.
  • Admission is free for students and auditioners to musical events planned during the training sessions (teachers’ concerts and auditions of students).
  • Each musician will bring his/her own music stand, spare strings and the sheet music they would like to play from.
  • The Academy is not responsible for any theft, loss or damage to personal instruments, which are the responsibility of the student.

See below for the programme of the sessions organised.