Académie de musique et de danse

The 36th

Academy 2018

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Session 1- Music training - MendeSession 2- Danse training- MendeSession 3- Music training - MendeSession 4- Danse training- MendeSession 5- Music training - La CanourgueSession 6- Music training - La CanourgueSession 7- Singing Choral training - La Canourgue


Piano accompaniment: 30 €Complementary Chamber Music (from the second cycle): 120 €Accommodation and supervision full board minors 2 weeks: 470 €Accommodation full board 2 weeks: 400 €Supervision in half-board (minors): 180 €Lunch only (major) lunch: 100 €Single room supplement: 220 €Atelier maîtrise du trac (Séances collectives quotidiennes) : 50 €Workshop mastery of trac (session 3 only): 50 €Rhythm workshop open to musicians (session 3 only) : 80 €Coaching Patrick PRUNEL - group session (session 5 only) : 12 €Optional choral singing - Arnaud CAPPELLI (session 6 only) : 30 €


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  1. To be validated, all application requests must include:
    • A 200 (two hundred euros) cheque made out to: Académie Internationale de Musique et de Danse de la Lozère. This payment shall not be refunded in the event of cancellation.
    • For students of French nationality : Please make out a cheque of 200 euros to the association.
    • For other students, thank you to use Paypal.
    • Two recent passport photos.
    • One (23 x 16) self-addressed envelope (For receipt confirmation or possible additional information requests).
  2. Only complete applications received before 30 June will be considered.
  3. After this date, acceptance will be given depending on availability of places. All applications will be subject to approval by the teachers.

To sending complete application

  • For session 1 and 2, please send this complete application to :
        Mme Elsa CENTURELLI – 35, route des Crêtes – 81500 GIROUSSENS – FRANCE
  • For session 3 and 4, please send this complete application to :
        Mme Magalie PICCIN – 124, rue de Cagny – 80090 AMIENS – FRANCE
  • For session 5, 6 and 7, please send this complete application to :
        Mr Marcel Saint Michel – 1, rue Maurice Ravel 94 440 DOMAINE DE SANTENY – FRANCE